1968  The NCSM Penang Branch was established on 15th July 1968 by the Rotary Club of Penang 
The cytology screening service was started, based in the IMR at Jalan Tull for PAP Smears. This was our first activity and our early commitment to provide a pioneer diagnostic service in Penang  

The screening service continued for almost three decades. We can look back with pride of our Society's contribution in screening over 60,000 Pap smears during the decade 1989-1998 and including screening from the first 2 decades 1968-1988, we may have contributed towards the down staging of cervical cancer in the State of Penang.

Due to manpower problems (all our cyto-technicians were lured away) we closed our cytology screening service in August 1998.

 1986  We started the "Reach To Recovery" programme to help women cope with the physical and psychological trauma of mastectomy. This service is till functioning under the leadership of Committee Member Puan Mui Siew Koon In 1986, we had a Public Forum on Cancer for the public at Dewan Sri Pinang and an update on Cancer Management Seminar for the Medical Practitioners at Shangri-la Hotel
 1989  We set up a Mammography Screening Center, the Toh Puan Khadijah Mammography Center at Komtar Level 2 as the first in Penang by an NGO and the second in Malaysia , the first being set up by the National body in Kuala Lumpur. This service still continues with charges unchanged since its inception and remains popular.  
 1992  Admitted to global cancer organization International Union Against Cancer (UICC)

Launched Hospice At Home Programme , Home Support Service For Patients with Advanced Cancer

Hosted the FIRST NATIONAL HOSPICE CONFERENCE (forming part of NCSM Penang Branch 25th Anniversary). A milestone in the development of Hospice in Malaysia.

We signed an MOU of 2 years duration with the MOH (Ministry of Health) to set up the first population based Regional Cancer Registery. The First Five year Penang Cancer Registry Report 1994-1998 was launched on 15th December 2003
 1995  We initiated the UICC Cancer Education in schools programme and later had the teaching modules based on the American Cancer Society translated into Bahasa Malaysia. This programme was repeated for Schools in Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3 in Penang
 1996 We had the honour to stage the 13th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference in Penang , the first in Malaysia. Some 1421 delegates from 43 countries attended this Conference and we had 89 invited speakers, many of them of world renown.
 1997 Our member attended the 14th Asia Pacific Cancer Conference in Hong Kong.

2nd World Conference for Cancer Organization in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In recognition of NCSM Penang achievements, our Hon. Secretary Dato Johnny Cardosa was invited to be a member of the International Planning Committee on Theme "SHARING THE FUTURE".
 1999 In 1999 we hosted the 2nd National Pallative Care Conference. Theme "From Despair to Hope
 2001 Official licence to run the facility as a hospital from the Ministry of Health was given on 3rd January. Rumah Hospice Pulau Pinang started to take in patients on 26th February. This is the first "˜in patient" facility by an NGO in Malaysia.

On 26th October 2001 official opening of Rumah Hospice Pulau Pinang,
 2005 We received the franchise from the American Cancer Society for our cancer control programme called the "Relay For Life".

The Second Five Year Penang Cancer Registry Report 1992 - 2003 was published.