This 1968 NCSM Penang Branch was established on 15th July by the Rotary Club of Penang. Its presence was initiated by the innovative of making public availability of cervical cancer detection with Pap smears with the Institute of Medical Research branch laboratory in Tull Road. This facility was was available until 1988 and over 60,000 tests were made during the period.

1989 Saw the set-up Mammography Screening Center at the Toh Puan Khadijah Mammography Centre Komtar Level 2 from public donation as the first in Penang by an NGO and the second in Malaysia after that by the National body in Kuala Lumpur. Breast Self-Examination (SBE) was taught in conjunction. This service continued till 2013, when the Penang State Government undertook the program as free service support

2009 Screening for colorectal cancer by Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) with Island Hospital was tried for the year.

With the shift of the office from the Toh Puan Khadijah Mammography Centre Komtar to the current site of Rumah Hospice in 2001, there was the start-up another facet of cancer care. Rumah Hospice Pulau Pinang (RHPP) was a palliative care service. This was the first "╦ťinpatient" facility by a NonGovernmental Organisation (NGO) in Malaysia.

2010 was the year when the inpatient palliative care was replaced by the establishment of Penang Hospice Society which was focussed on care at home, a patient preference, with the Hospice at Home Pulau Pinang (HPP) program. This is the current most visible presence of our cancer control efforts